Anniversary Gemstone Gift List: Years 15 – 65

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Whew!  So you’ve successfully survived the first 10 years together.  Bravo.  Now it’s time for the big ones: anniversaries 15 through 65.  Here is an exhaustive list of the gems and precious materials ascribed to each year.

15th:  Rhodolite – was this stone discovered in Rhodes?  Nope.  North Carolina.  By mineralogist William Earl Hidden…who was from Rhode Island.  Isn’t it obvious now?  Technically a type of garnet (remember that from way back during your 2nd anniversary??), rhodolite has a luscious floral composition, like a rhododendron.  Confused again?  Good.  Enjoy.

20th:  Emerald – lush and verdant, inspirer of poets, the emerald is a perfect fit for your big 2-0.  This precious gemstone is thought to relieve stress…hopefully twenty years worth of the stress of having to live with you.  Also God originally gave King Solomon the gift of emerald, so there’s that.

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25th:  Tsavorite – a crowd tsavorite, this is another gloriously garish garnet that will garner nothing but grand praise and affection for the bearer.  A quarter of a century together surely deserves a Tanzanian rarity such as this glowing green glamour gazer.

30th:  Pearl – not quite a stone, but still precious nonetheless (…even though it is primarily created by the digestive enzymes of a squishy sea thing).   The luminous pearl is so much more than just an octogenarian’s name; it has long been associated with elegance, class and affluence.  Be a pearl of a spouse and get a whole bunch of ‘em.


40th:  Ruby – Red as fire, brilliant as the sun, the ruby is a stone that will not be undone.  Why that is not the official slogan for ruby merchants, we will never know, but we do know that this is a heavenly (or perhaps…devilish?) gemstone that is unparalleled in its splendor.  Except by diamonds, obviously.

50th:  Since this one is the “golden” year,  you really can throw any stone in a gold mounting and be good to go.  But why not go extra fancy?  Yes, sure, the 60th is the diamond anniversary, but no one will protest to receiving a gold ring with a big diamond rock in it.


60th:  Diamond – FINALLY.  This one is well worth the wait.  At sixty sparkling years together, it truly is time to dazzle with a diamond.  Or two.  Or a whole shimmering collection of them, from one-carat wonders to Hope Diamond sized mindblowers.  Just do the right thing and buy them some diamonds.


65th:  Sapphire – While it’s pretty and blue and everything, this one is really an afterthought after the 60th.  Best bet is to throw some diamonds in the mix with whatever sapphire jewelry you get, just to be safe.



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-Joe Leone 


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