Anniversary Gemstone Gift List – The First Decade Together

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Congratulations!  You’ve made it to yet another anniversary with your beloved spouse.  Now let’s get down to what’s truly important, what people really care about: the gifts.  Each year that a couple can claim as part of a life lived together has a specific designation for presents.  Most people are familiar with the big ones (25th anniversary is Silver, 50th is Gold), but there are some very interesting, lesser ones as well, including Pottery for your 9th (…um) and Lace for the 13th (va-va-voom).  But let’s talk about what you really want for your anniversary presents: gems!

1st:  Mother of Pearl – while this sounds like a euphemistic expletive, it actually is a beautiful naturally occurring material.  Not actually a gemstone, rather the iridescent, inner lining of some particularly pulchritudinous mollusk shells.   The shiny nature represents the still relatively new aspect of your marriage.


2nd:  Garnet – the second year completed together is a significant one and this typically reddish mineral is rife with history.  Pharaohs in ancient Egypt were buried with garnet necklaces to ensure they had cool bling in the afterlife, and garnets signature rings were used in ancient Rome to label the wax of vital scrolls, like one that Caesar never received that said “Watch your back – literally.”


3rd:  Moonstone – lunar loveliness!  The ancient Hindus and Romans both believed moonstone to be made of actual moonbeams (modern science has yet to disprove this…well, they haven’t tried to…) – and the ephemeral nature of the moon/moonstone is the perfect metaphor for three years of marital ebb and flow.


4th:  Blue Topaz – this gorgeous stone has long been associated with fertility, so if this forth year has inspired you to plant a bun in the proverbial oven then you can’t go wrong with some nice blue topaz earrings, a necklace or a…belly ring.


5th:  Rose Quartz – known as the “love stone,” this is a no-brainer for the perfect anniversary boon.  It’s pink and cute and sure to get you a big kiss.  Also, the Egyptians thought it impeded aging, so it’s a great way to keep your beau young at heart and in the face.


6th:  Amethyst – The ancient Greeks held the belief that amethyst could hinder intoxication; so get a nice stone, a few bottles of wine and drink your hearts out.  This potentially pretty purple stone needs a good lapidarian (gem cutter) to really bring out the violet hue.  So don’t go to any second rate lapidists please!

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7th:  Onyx – Uh oh…the seven year itch.  This can easily be avoided with a gift of onyx at the annum’s onset.  Mostly dark and mysterious, onyx means “claw” in Latin; as your better second half will significantly scratch you if you don’t produce a beautiful onyx ring, pendant or brooch on your special day.


8th:  TourmalineEight will be great with this crystalline boron silicate.  Ok, doesn’t sound that romantic, but this diverse crystal comes in almost every color under the sun (just don’t leave it out in the sun, as that can actually bleach the color out).  Because of it’s capacity to show up in many different shades, tourmaline has often been confused for other gemstones, but there will be no confusion that you are a super spouse with a tourmaline goodie in tow.


9th:  Lapis Lazuli – sounds like a washed up lounge singer, but this cerulean treasure has been adored by ALL the ancient civilizations.  Found mostly in an area of Afghanistan that really puts the “bad” in Badakshan, people have risked their lives for thousands of years to acquire this azure beauty – now all you have to do is go to the store and buy it.


10th:  Crystal and Green Tourmaline – here you’ve got two options.  Also, you’ve made it a whole decade, so kudos to you.  You can either choose from comely crystal, which has too many incarnations to be listed here, or green tourmaline, which is pretty specific.  Any crystal will symbolize the “crystallization” of your union, of two people merging into one – whereas green tourmaline symbolizes that you care about the environment and also love…trampolines.


So, in conclusion, CONGRATS! once again, from Diamond Lighthouse – and good luck with the following decades!

-Joe Leone 


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