Hotel Uncoupling

Diamond-Lighthouse-broker-divorce-in-progress-signNo matter how you slice it, going through a divorce is going to be tough, in one way or another.  Be it the obvious emotional turmoil experienced, the financial burdens and considerations or the determination of child custody, there are a lot of potentially frustrating, enervating elements.  However, some couples have found solace in attempting to part in an amicable manner.  Legally speaking, engaging in “non-contested” divorce proceedings, in which both parties come to a mutually satisfying agreement, has seen a significant rise as of late.

…And when things get popular, there’s always someone there to capitalize on it.

Having first been conceived at a hotel in the Netherlands, it took a particularly innovative thinker to dream this up: a divorce vacation.  Dutch businessman Jim Halfens wanted to provide a service that cut down on the typically lengthy period associated with a standard divorce, as well as the usual feelings of unease.  What better way to untie the knot, than to do it in comfort, luxury and style!Diamond-Lighthouse-broker-divorce-massage-couple

The concept is simple enough.  You and your partner have decided that for whatever reasons the marriage is finished, but you’d like to part ways in a peaceful and friendly way.  So why not do it at a resort-cum-spa?

Saratoga Springs, NY, hotel the Gideon Putnam Resort & Spa is home to many extravagant weddings throughout the year, replete with a lavishly spacious dining hall and ballroom.  Yet on opposite side of the resort, guests (each in their own, separate room) enjoy a weekend of spa treatments, tennis & swimming, and access to a full golf course.  The weekend is capped off with a Sunday serving of divorce proceedings, presided over by the in house attorney.  By Sunday night, the couple is refreshed, relaxed and …no longer a couple.  All this for the grand sum of $5,000.

If this sounds a trifle odd, then one can only imagine what is next in store.  …That’s right: reality show.  Just such a show has been conceived and is currently filming there as well (guests do not have to be involved, but can become a ‘star’ if they desire.)

The hotel isn’t worried about sullying their reputation as an upscale resort/location associated with lovey dovey things like weddings, and it’s only a matter of time before more establishments follow suit.


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-Joe Leone


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