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via yiwuproducts.com
via yiwuproducts.com

You sit on the train, reading the newspaper, and something catches your eye: it’s a lady’s hand, with a small bonsai tree growing out of her ring!  You try not to stare and avert your eyes.  Further down you see a man with a pinky ring in the shape of a small alligator’s jaws.  Someone else is donning a stark metallic band with jutting bits of wire poking out.  You look down at your standard round brilliant cut diamond in regular gold mounting…and hide it under your paper.

People of all ages, backgrounds, genders and whatever other classification you can dream up are embarking on a revolution in ring design flaunting.  Three finger bands, towering pillars, functional anomalies: designers are getting very creative, and modish consumers are gobbling it up.  What is prompting this nouveau ring renaissance?  Well, we can speculate and pontificate how trends in mass media and recent socio-anthropologic permutations have cumulatively contributed to this coup d’normal…but really, who cares?  Let’s just look at this cool stuff.

bear traps, shark jaws and venus fly traps

bear trap ringsbear traps



shark attack ring Shark attack!


venus fly trap ringVenus Fly Trap


SNAP!  Here we have a savagely splendid collection of highly aggressive finger accoutrements.  All of these involve jaws of some nature, where your finger becomes either the bait or the captured prey.  Perfect to send the unyielding message to people to LEAVE YOU ALONE.



emblem ringemblem ring


diamond stamp ringPXPT-SR-DMD-1_large


inner message ringinner message ring


Bring back the days of yore, where you would squish your intaglio in some hot wax before you sent out a letter.  Don’t send letters anymore?  Well then take a pic of your ring and upload it to your email as your “signature.”  Now that’s bringing sexy back.

*The Inner Message ring lets you imprint cherished messages right on your own skin.  For the forgetful types.


super heroes, villains, and comic book icons 

wonder woman ringwonder-woman-ring

R2D2 engagement ringdroid ringcomicbookresources

DC comics medleyDC comics jewelry


space invaders ringspace invaders  designbump

 Be you freak, geek or just all around sci-fi nerdologist, this category is sure to satiate you need for Comin-Con related finger adornments.  Fight (or endorse) crime in style.  Relive movie and video game highlights with nebbish panache.


towers, tiers and other altitude pushing things

birch tree ringbirch tree ring

kremlin ringKremlin Ring


Roman era glass ringroman era glass rings 2

Susan Lenart Kazmer

coffee pour ringcoffee pour ring


You just want to get higher and higher, don’t ya?  These guys here push the boundaries of the atmosphere (and in some cases, physics).  Showing the world that you will not be confined by altitudinal limits or spacial relations is finally in your grasp.



hinged cage ringHinged cage ringwantering

 bird cage ringbird cage ring


cross cagecross ring polyvore

These rings are the slightly less violent cousins of the Trap rings.  Feel snug as a bug in a wrought iron rug with these fascinatingly beautiful symbols of imprisonment.  Custom incarceration never looked so good.


two, three (and more!) finger rings 

sneaker ringsneaker-2-finger-ring


London bridge ringLondon Bridge ring


brass knuckles


Some of you out there just don’t like negative space.  Utilizing most or all of the hand canvas you were blessed with has become the staple of the discerning digit-loop designer.  Slipping on a dapper brass knuckle ring says a lot about your commitment to beauty.


the useful collection 

USB port ringUSB port ring coolthingsworld

bottle opener ringbottle opener ring


projector ringProjecting-ring_luke_jerramriogrande

These guys don’t just get you noticed for artfulness, they serve actual purposes.  Whether you need to discretely transport, James Bond-like, large gigabytes (the modern day equivalent of “microfiche”), open Coronas or simply project a detailed image on to a wall for the world to see, these modern numbers have cool to spare.


rings that just tell you they/you are cool

cool ringcool Queensbee ring queensbee

Let’s get literal.


At this point, you are undoubtedly convinced that weird is the new beautiful, and are asking yourself “So how do I do the diamond ditching?”  Well, that is quite an astute question you got there.  There’s only one place to come where you will get the most money for your diamond, the best customer service, and the most innovative and efficient selling process out there.  You guessed it: Diamond Lighthouse.  Yes, over thirty years in the business gives us not only the wisdom to find the best outlets to sell your diamond at, but also a snazzy site to do it on.  Check us out, trade your diamond for serious loot, and buy yourself cool rings galore.


Keep your eye out for more cool ring suggestions, coming soon.

eyeball ring




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