Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings

“Will You Marry Me…without A Diamond?”


The diamond engagement ring first rose to prominence in the U.S. around 1947, following the huge success of the DeBeers marketing campaign “A diamond is forever” (ironically conceived by copywriter Frances Gerety, who offered the line during a lengthy pitch meeting as a pure throwaway).  After many decades of reigning as the band type of choice for bride-to-be’s, diamond engagement rings are still wildly popular.  But that isn’t to say there aren’t those who seek something a little different to adorn their perpetually gawked at left ring fingers.

Tying the… 


This is a great ring if you truly appreciate the simple things in life.  Also, the symbolism of the knot being tied actually goes beyond the easily recognizable phrasing and conveys a sense of two individuals truly uniting their lives into one.

Knot bad, right?


The Wonderful World of Winsome Stones 

Amethyst Ring - via
Amethyst Ring – via

Diamonds aren’t the only sparkly gemstones out there.  Aside from the obvious (and similarly priced) stones ruby, emerald and sapphire, there is a tremendous spectrum of rockin’ rocks.  These include sugilite, spinel, peridot, malachite, felospar, iolite, andalusite, corundum, chrysoberyl, and many more.  From amber to zircon, they are all incomparably beautiful and entirely unique.  Some of these stones are more or less translucent while others are richer in tone, with contrasting internal shades.  You’re free to choose whichever hue or contour appeals to you and best showcases your inner gem-soul.


The Claddagh Ring (aka the “Oh…that Irish One”)


The two hands here symbolize the taking of the vows.  The heart in the middle represents love and…hearts.  This style of ring dates way back, all the way to the Roman empire, when these rings where known as “mani in fede” (‘hands in faith’), or “fedes.”  Making their way north, they are now primarily associated with the Irish, who still commonly use them as betrothal rings today.  They convey a sense of vibrant and bountiful history – also the little crown is cute.  Great if you are Irish yourself, or just can never get tan.


Dark and Mysterious


This trend seems to be sweeping the internet (Etsy and Google images, in the very least).  While some of these rings may actually feature diamonds (most do not, and house some of the sensational stones detailed above), the primary thrust of these intentionally obfuscating pieces is to invert the typical “light and lovely” air historically associated with engagement rings.  The style could be expressed as “Modern Gothic,” with smooth, saturnine mountings highlighting starkly contrasting bright pink and red stones.  If you have ‘The Cure’ posters hanging on your wall or even just like to occasionally don fangs, this could be the deliciously macabre method of engagement expression tailor made for you.


The Stoneless Ring

Sasha Tseng – via

This one may seem a little “edgy for the sake of being edgy” at first, but the actual artistic intention is rather elegant and earnest.  The concept here is that true love can not be measured in terms of ‘carat size’ or anything of that (typically monetary) nature.  The open face of the ring symbolizes that love is actually boundless and eternal.  So while this type of ring may have some rolling their eyes, it may invoke a revolutionary way of thinking about love for others.

Whichever new iteration of engagement ring speaks to you the most, make sure you are fully comfortable with wearing it for, what could be, a very long time.  If you have a diamond engagement ring (that was either handed down to you, is leftover from a previous marriage or was just found in a garden) that you no longer need, then please check out Diamond Lighthouse.  We can help you sell that ring, and any other diamond jewelry, for the maximum amount possible.  Find out more here.

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-Joe Leone 


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