Buffalo Man can’t get his diamond ring back now…


Louis J. Billittier Jr's gift to his ex fiance
Louis J. Billittier Jr’s gift to his ex fiance

He broke up with his fiancée and also her $53,000 ring. A New York State Supreme Court judge ruled a man who broke up with his future bride via a text message relinquished his right to reclaim her nearly 3-carat engagement ring, reports the Buffalo News.

Louis J. Billittier Jr. sued his former fiancée Christa M. Clark after the 38-year-old nail technician refused to give him back the four-prong diamond engagement ring, the newspaper reported,

He broke off their 14-month relationship in July 2012, leaving Clark incredulous.

“Your doing this through a text message????” she replied.

Under state law the spouse is entitled to recoup the ring, but not when they imply it’s a gift, ruled State Supreme Court Justice Russell P. Buscaglia last week, according to the newspaper.

“Plus you get a $50,000 parting ring. Enough for a down payment on a house,” the 55-year-old texted next.

During the November trial Billittier, who broke off the engagement because Clark refused to sign a prenuptial agreement, said he sent that text as a joke, the newspaper reported.

“I was being sarcastic, like a game show host – you get a parting gift,” Billittier said.

But the judge ruled the texts show he meant for the ring to be a gift.


Many gifts are given for reasons that sour with the passage of time. Once a gift is given, it is irrevocable.”

“Parting gifts on game shows usually pale in comparison to the grand prize sought in such contests, unlike here where the ring is at the heart of this lawsuit,” Buscaglia said.

The judge pointed to other text messages Billittier sent after the breakup.

“Keep it up, and I will take back the ring as well,” he texted her.

He sent a final text message on July 31 requesting the ring be returned.

“You by law have to give it back,” he texted. “You’re nowhere near the person I thought you were. You don’t deserve it.”

The judge ruled the text showed he changed his mind and had “giver’s remorse.”

Attorneys for both sides declined to comment to the newspaper after the ruling.

“Many gifts are given for reasons that sour with the passage of time,” the judge ruled. “Once a gift is given, it is irrevocable.”

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