How to Handle Your Little Monsters

Dealing with Kids of Divorce on Halloween The pumpkins are carved, the ghosts are hung and the Disney Princess and Storm Trooper costumes have been purchased.  Everything is all set for creepily jovial, sugar-high fueled fun!  Everything, that is, except the logistics regarding who is taking the kids trick-or-treating; you or your ex.  Uh-oh.  This … Continue reading How to Handle Your Little Monsters

10 Fun Diamond Themed Halloween Costumes!

Don’t have a scary/sexy/hilarious costume picked out yet this year?  Well don’t sit around BOO!-hoo-ing.  Do things the Diamond Lighthouse way; make it all about diamonds! Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend – replicate the always demure and sexy Marilyn Monroe, as she dripped in diamonds in her portrayal of Lorelei Lee in the iconic … Continue reading 10 Fun Diamond Themed Halloween Costumes!

Inspirational Jewelry Keepsakes

(Jewelry Terms: I, J & K) I Idiochromatic – much like an idiosyncratic gemstone enthusiast, stones of this ilk are essentially pure at heart.  That is to say that the hue exhibited by this type of gem is a result of its integral chemical components, not from impurities in the stone.  The other kind of … Continue reading Inspirational Jewelry Keepsakes

Beautifully Bizarre Jewelry

In terms of personal style, some people just have to be different.  Whether that means dying one’s hair bright green and fashioning it into a pointy, potentially dangerous mohawk or just wearing white after Labor Day, there will always be rebels.  Some jewelry designers have tapped into this collective demand for odd, in ways that … Continue reading Beautifully Bizarre Jewelry