What Leads to Divorce?

The most common cause of a marriage crumbling has got to be infidelity, correct?  Nope.  While cheating has caused many a marriage to dissolve, the following issues are responsible for even more mass destruction of the holiest of unions. “Rush, rush…” Rushing into things One of the primary reasons why divorce occurs is the simple fact that … Continue reading What Leads to Divorce?

How NOT to Ask your Partner for a Prenup

As we’ve previously investigated, prenuptial agreements can be a very necessary and useful tool in protecting one’s assets and interests.  Ergo, it is (pretty much) unanimously agreed upon that securing a prenup can be a smart road to travel down when approaching the ever ambiguous altar. Yet how does one broach this (potentially) highly sensitive … Continue reading How NOT to Ask your Partner for a Prenup

Missing Diamond and Gem Treasures!

Ever since the first diamond was plucked from the earth, these stones have been viewed as objects of immeasurable value.  Consequentially, people have been snatching them from each other with rapacity.  That is to say, diamonds and jewels have been some of the most sought after things to steal for centuries.  As this tradition is … Continue reading Missing Diamond and Gem Treasures!