20 Fun Facts About American Divorce

Smoke ‘Em if you don’t Want ‘Em …married to you anymore: if a spouse is a smoker and the other doesn’t regularly and intentionally breathe in an elixir of toxic gas and tar, then the marriage has a 75% chance of ending in the big D. 365 Ways to Say ‘Seeya’: in the U.S., the … Continue reading 20 Fun Facts About American Divorce

Weird Divorce Laws

Divorce can sometimes be harrowing, frustrating and even severely emotionally debilitating.  Then, of course, there are the divorce related circumstances that are just flat out bizarre. Well, luckily nationwide lawmakers never miss an opportunity to cement court case verdicts into permanent mandates.  While our research department was hard at work drumming up and categorizing important … Continue reading Weird Divorce Laws

Divorce & Pets: Who Gets Mittens?

“Who gets the family bible, when blood is split at heart?” Well, the jury is still out on that age old, country & western themed question posed by Merle Haggard.  We have, however, collected a few intriguing facts to help provide answers to the current query of ‘Who retains “custody” of a divorced couple’s pets?’