2015 Jewelry Trends


While Oscar Wilde may have offered the phrase:  “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months,” we love it nonetheless.

Here is an exhaustive list of all the jewelry trends you are guaranteed to see this coming Spring, as compiled from a variety of perennially pertinent fashion sources, such as Harpers, Vogue, W and Nylon.

Off Kilter 

2014 was all about the single earring.  This year will see a similar trend in asymmetry, yet in a different manner altogether: unbalanced earrings (not crazy, just disproportional).  Irregular shapes, colors and sizes will litter runways and posh metropolitan streets alike.

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Get Down to Brass Tacks

Goodbye gold and so long silver; this season’s metal go-to is brass.  Brazen and often boisterous, this not “precious” (but totally beloved) metal will adorn many a body part this year.


Don’t (forget to) Choke

The bouncing bangles of last year have given way to a firm, vice-like grip of the throat.  Necklaces have certainly tightened up, as chokers are all the neck stifling rage.  In a cornucopia of materials,  brace yourself to become collared in a collection of supremely stylish noose replicas.


Hippie Trippy

The flamboyant flair of the 70’s seen in so many of last year’s pieces has morphed somewhat into a more eclectic bohemian mode.  Be prepared for a healthy smattering of eco-friendly repurposed items sprinkled with gemstones, feathers, wood and other earth born materials.  Le freak, hippie chic.

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Get (Handed) Down  

Vintage is back with elegant vengeance.  Brush off the dust and get ready to rock rococo, art deco and victorian era inspired classics.

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The Pendant is mightier than the… 

Large, loud and loose, the pendant is the necklace of 2015.  Teaming with gargantuan chunks and hunks, it’s pretty impossible to not get noticed in these vaunting, undulating accessories.


Stacks Upon Stacks

Bizarrely Byzantine, one major trend sees gilded excess heaped on top of exorbitant extravagance.  Bursting with a plethora of hues and materials, the concept here is to fuse regal gems on to elaborately designed metals, and then mix those comely conglomerations on to another assortment of gorgeous but garish ornaments.


Sportin’ the Sporty Look 

Feminine power embodied.  Ranging from Roman to the Modern epoch, athletic themed baubles and trinkets seamlessly merge haute couture with hot competitions.

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