Diamonds Used in Art

By now you’ve probably seen the diamond covered human skull fashioned by infamous English artist Damien Hirst.  This shiny collection of jewels and bone, named “For the Love of God,” holds the distinction of being the most expensive new work of art ever sold.  This piece fetched one hundred million dollars, making it not only … Continue reading Diamonds Used in Art

10 Celebrity Diamond Engagement Rings – Worth Over A Million Dollars

Greed is Good.  Michael Douglas knew he’d better come correct when he proposed to Catherine Zeta Jones.  A ten carat, marquise shaped diamond, set (*get this*) horizontally, certainly did the trick.  The Art Deco, Gatsby inspired design is a throwback to simpler times (like Michael’s childhood days of bootlegging). 2.5 Million

25 Cool Holiday Presents to Buy – after selling your uncool diamond

The holidays are upon us and guess what?  Nobody wants to hear about how “the economy is killing you.”  They want loot, and lots of it.  Even the naughty ones are expecting a lot more than a lump of coal in their scurrilous stockings.   So where are you supposed to drum up the cash … Continue reading 25 Cool Holiday Presents to Buy – after selling your uncool diamond

Proposal Stories: Celebrity Style

Celebrities: they’re just like us!  They come up with clever proposals …and extremely trite ones too.  Read on to see which proposal strategies give you chills and which send you directly into a diabetic coma. Heidi Klum & Seal Breaking the Seal: The Charming of an Angel  If you want to make your proposal memorable, … Continue reading Proposal Stories: Celebrity Style

Ditch your Diamond and Get a Cool New Ring

You sit on the train, reading the newspaper, and something catches your eye: it’s a lady’s hand, with a small bonsai tree growing out of her ring!  You try not to stare and avert your eyes.  Further down you see a man with a pinky ring in the shape of a small alligator’s jaws.  Someone … Continue reading Ditch your Diamond and Get a Cool New Ring