20 Things To Do After Divorce


Life doesn’t always play out the way we plan.  In fact, it more often than not seems to work the other way around.  After going through a divorce, you will inevitably experience a wide array of emotions, many of which are far from pleasant.  This is all part of the process of moving on.  In taking the proper steps for self preservation and healing, it is important to realize that your life is not over – far from it.  A new chapter in the Story of You has begun.  New opportunities and challenges await around every corner, and when you are indeed ready, amazing things will be within your grasp.

Here is a compilation of twenty activities (ranging from simple, free to ones to those that will potentially require substantial funding) that will have you relishing your newfound single life and will help to provide the necessary closure you need.

On the über cheap:

#20 – Take a relaxing bath.  Aroma therapy candles, frothy bubbles, rose petals, dulcet and soothing background music: the works.  Let your troubles simply melt away as the warm water envelopes you.

#19 – Let your creative juices flow and start a blog.  Your friends and family have always heralded your unique outlook and uncanny ability to craft witticisms, so why not share them with the world…wide web?


#18 – Use an old fashioned method of communication: pick up the phone.  Now that you have some time to yourself, you may want to reconnect with a loved one or friend that you have all but forgotten – it’s especially beneficial to surround yourself with positive and morally supportive people.

#17 – Go for a run.  A simple jog opens up channels in your brain, releasing endorphins and a whole host of other positive chemicals that will have you feeling elated.

#16 – Life’s a beach, literally.  Weather and location permitting, a stroll down to the nearest ocean (or lake) front can do wonders for your psyche.  Enjoy the gentle lapping of waves on the shore, the sand between your toes, the sun beaming on your grinning face.


Humble, yet invigorating: 

#15 – Escape to the cinema – alone!  Watching a film, on the big screen, by yourself can be an enlightening experience.  Choose a genre that will allow you to luxuriate in whatever mood you feel most like reveling in.

#14 – Find an adorable cafe, grab a solid book, and drink as many expensive lattes as you can handle.  A nice mix of eclectic customers, chilled out tunes playing – all while you sip deliciousness in a plush chair – is all you really need.

#13 – Makeup shopping spree.  “What would I look like with deep magenta, glitter infused eye shadow?”  Throw aside all inhibitions for one day and dare to be as extravagant and glamorous as possible in your makeup selections.

#12 – Learn an instrument – with the help of a professional.  Of course it’s possible to teach yourself how to expertly play the harpsichord, but it really is a lot easier and less frustrating with the aid of someone who does this for a living.  Your newfound method of communication can be quite liberating and can invoke true feelings of independence.

#11 – Woof, meow or squawk: time for a pet.  Head to the local pound and adopt a stray critter of some nature.  If that is not exactly your style, feel free to contact a breeder and find the exact creature of your specifications.  Remember, your opinion in this matter is the only that counts now.


Everything in moderation…

#10 – Like wine?  Well now it’s time to up your status to semi connoisseur – and the best way to accomplish this is to start sampling the best wines you can get your eager hands on.  Go to a winery and make a day of it and then treat yourself to the most exquisite bottle you’ve ever had the pleasure of imbibing.

#9 – Wardrobe overhaul.  It’s not just time to donate all your dated clothes; it’s time to go wild and purchase anything you want, top designers included – even if this is not within your means (that’s what credit is for).

#8 – Take yoga classes at the fanciest studio you can find.  Yoga is all about finding inner peace and strengthening your spiritual core, and when you are in a pristine and sublimely crafted environment, you will have a transcendental and enlightening experience.  This is a great way of rebuilding the new you.

#7 – It’s time for a death defying act.  Whether it’s bungee jumping, zip lining or skydiving, there is no time like the present to feel the greatest rush of adrenaline that only nature can provide.

Diamond-Lighthouse-selling-cslewis better things

#6 – A good old fashioned road trip.  Get in the car, either with a best friend, a dog, or just lovely, solitary you, and hit the road.  Just drive and drive, while singing your heart out to all your favorite ditties from high school, college and beyond.

Lifestyles of the newly fabulous: 

#5 – Destination: far.  You can now travel the globe in peace, to the most remote and exotic location of your choosing…perhaps a clandestine tryst with a mysterious and sexy stranger is in the cards?  No matter what, you now control your own destiny…and destination.

#4 – Start looking for a new home!  While you may have come to love your current abode, some memories can be too haunting to ever forget.  A fresh start in the domicile department may be just what the doctor ordered; a new space signifies new beginnings.

#3 – If an entirely new apartment or house if not quite feasible, then it just may be the right moment to redecorate.  You will never have to accommodate your former beau’s questionable (at best) tastes in the way of home decor; purge yourself of any furniture or pieces that signify “him”, and replace them with fresh, new “you” ones.  Just let your inner stylist shine and feng shui your way to aesthetic bliss.

#2 – Vroom, vroom.  Cool cars are no longer just a “guy thing.”  You know your favorite luxury car brand; go to a dealership and use your charms and business savvy to haggle your way into the sleekest model you’ve ever envisioned yourself in.

#1 – The final symbol of matrimony needs to be updated: your rings.  Your engagement and wedding rings will forever have their special place in time, in your mind, but in actuality they need to go.  Trading these in for the jewel of your dreams is finally possible, as well as highly cathartic.  Now’s your chance to sparkle.  Learn More


Moving on is a big step.  Relinquishing the symbolic power that your engagement and weddings rings have is hard.  We at Diamond Lighthouse are here to make that transition as easy, smooth and painless as possible.

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-Joe Leone


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