150 carat Diamond Ring


We think it’s safe to say that women love diamonds.  The way they sparkle, their captivating nature, the enchanting beauty.  For the past few decades, diamond rings have had various forms & styles, but for the most part they all had one thing in common. A metal band, and a center diamond stone.  While one small center diamond is great and everything, who would object to more diamonds. Bigger diamonds.

This ring is the first ring made entirely of… DIAMOND. A single diamond.  150 carats of a pure diamond, cut & finished.  It costs approximately $68 million and gives a new meaning to the term ‘diamond ring’.

Here at Diamond Lighthouse, we have seen every type of diamond ring under the sun, either in person or in our diamond studies (cough cough… pinterest).  Not only is this the most dazzling thing we’ve ever seen, but it’s basically indestructible. At first glance, this diamond looks nothing like the type of diamonds we’re used to seeing.It is neither a rough diamond, nor a polished diamond of a fancy shape.  We suggest this diamond ring was cut by a laser, using precision cutting.  Although there is a possibility of it being cut by hand by a master cutter.

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The facets on the diamond are unlike anything we’re used to seeing in the diamond district.  This diamond ring has a “Novelty Brilliant Cut” which in most instances this can negatively affect the price.  A unique diamond shape will be priced lower because it is harder to fit into most jewelry designs.  However, since this diamond IS the jewelry (no additional jewelry or metal needed) the price can go through the roof. Even though this clearly isn’t the ring for the average couple, if you’re deciding between buying that yacht or getting your significant other something extraordinary…This might fit the bill.

We’ve seen some outrageous celebrity engagement rings, but we’re surprised that this hasn’t show up on the fingers of some of Hollywood’s Divas.  Beyonce may have a ring already, but we think she may have a thing for upgrading. Upgrading isn’t just for celebrities, and you might be able to afford it after you sell the old diamond! Look to Diamond Lighthouse to get you the best offer for your diamond ring today!


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