10 Signs Your Ex is Social Media Stalking You


1) You get a new message every day from LinkedIn that “people are looking at your profile.”  The ‘people’ are always just your ex.

2)  You get a Facebook friend request from a person of the opposite gender who is ridiculously attractive – and only has two other friends.   Also, their pictures all look suspiciously like J. Crew or Victoria’s Secret or Sears catalogue models.

3) They post messages on Twitter and hashtag things that are completely unrelated to the message, and most of the world, but are extremely specific to your life (ie:  “Enjoying a mocha latte  #dognamedHambones #KalamazooMichigan #Let’sGoVikings #moleonleftbuttockshapedlikedGeorgeWashington #imstillinlovewithyouyouidiot” )

4) The new person you are dating gets a friend request from someone whose profile picture is that of the devil, with a message: “I’m coming for you.”

5) Your ex has an Instagram account devoted only to objects you accidentally left in their apartment.  Including your hair.

6) They have a Tumblr that is primarily GIFs derived from the films “Fatal Attraction, “ “One Hour Photo,” and the hit new television show “STALKER.”

7) Their Google+ ThrowbackThursday post is your baby photo…and has been for the last 67 weeks in a row.

8) They have a Pinterest board showcasing pictures of stylish binoculars and night vision goggles, chic camo clothes, trendy tranquilizer dart guns and mod full body burlap sacks.

9) Their Youtube page has a litany of those “bullied kids” videos, only the clips are just of them, going through hundreds of papers with nothing but your name written on them.

10) They start a Reddit thread every day entitled: “Reasons Why My Ex Should Get Back Together With Me” and they use their alternate email to comment: “#1 – To stay alive.”


-Joe Leone


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