10 Reasons NOT To Sell Your Diamond


1) You immensely enjoy collecting diamond engagement rings and wearing them on all different fingers, so when light hits you, you look like a garish walking disco ball.

2) You HATE having extra money around for going on shopping sprees, vacations, buying cool international items online, investing in high yield, low risk funds, and making various other wishes come true with ease.


3) You want to be continuously confronted with the physical embodiment of an excruciatingly painful memory of a failed relationship or marriage.

4) You like the idea of having a very valuable item sitting at the bottom of a dusty box in the lower recesses of your basement, that won’t be discovered until decades after your demise.


5) A great aunt that you met once gave you a pair of hideous diamond earrings for cotillion, and if you sold them the unwavering guilt would drive you to a life of booze, gambling and back alley organ trades.


6) You strongly believe that an elderly gypsy placed an eternal curse on a diamond necklace that you wear every day, and if you ever remove the necklace, your head will just fall off.

7) You are stockpiling diamonds in the event that the global economy collapses and renegade troops patrolling the post-apocalyptic world decide to trade solely in diamonds for safe passage to the “Non-Murder Zones.”

8) You know for a FACT that your old diamond tennis bracelet gives you the mythical power of not having to wait in long lines at Starbucks.

9) You once saw an ad that stated “diamonds are forever,” and you take everything you read literally, so you can never deviate from that now permanently imbedded message.

10) You’re saving your diamond ring to propose to your cat.


If you somehow do not fit into any of these categories, and you actually WANT to sell your diamond, check out Diamond Lighthouse.  We will get you the most money possible for any and all of your unused diamond jewelry.  We don’t buy your diamonds; we help you sell them to the top tier of professional diamond dealers.  We take a 10% commission from the sale (for diamonds 1 carat and larger), so we always strive to get you the maximum amount.  Find out more here on how you can sell your diamond today…and please don’t actually give a cat any diamonds.


-Joe Leone 


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