The 10 Most Ridiculous Diamond Things


1. Diamond Suit

Bulletproof AND AirConditioned- this suit is covered in 880 black diamonds and costs $3.2 Million, making this the ultimate James Bond-esque Suit!

2. Victoria’s Secret “Fantasy Bra”

Worn by Adriana Lima, the Fantasy Bra is valued at $2 Million and has changed a bit over the years, but it is always a diamond studded beauty!


 3. Headphones

Because who doesn’t need headphones that cost more than the music player itself.. The Earbuds can cost anywhere from $3,500 – $80,000, the red Beats by Dre cost $160 and Lil Wayne’s Beats cost $1 Million.


4. iPod Shuffle 

Do you remember that time the iPod shuffle was cool? We don’t either. But someone felt compelled to add diamonds to it.  #SWAG
This Shuffle costs $20,000, & keep in mind that the shuffle alone is an $80 device.


5. Cell Phones

If you thought leaving your iPhone 4 at the bar was life-ending, just wait until it’s worth over $1 Million. We wonder what insurance for a diamond cell phone costs! Prices ranging from $24,000 to $1.3 Million


6. Mercedes-Benz

As if owning a Mercedes wasn’t a big enough accomplishment, you had to go ahead a bedazzle it-  $48 Million later, go big or go home I guess.


7. Diamond Studded Tea Bag


For all of our tea lovers out there, this tea bag not only tastes good and looks pretty, but the profits raised money for the Manchester Children’s Hospital! (Each bag costs $15,000)


8. Diamond Gameboys
This is the kind of toy that you play with after you take off your Armani Suit. For the high rollers out there, enjoy playing old school gameboy games, on a diamond encrusted, 18K Gold Gameboy that costs $25,000 (we hope it’s at least a Gameboy Color)


9. Business Cards

If you were ordering business cards and you thought that the glossy or raised print weren’t fancy enough, this might be what you’re looking for.
Each card goes for $1,500 – Bonus points if you work in the diamond industry.


10. Diamond Skull


This is technically Artwork, created by artist Damien Hirst using the skull of a 35-year old man.  If you think this is a crazy way to re-use human remains, you should check out THIS article on how to turn dead people into diamonds.
This skull was estimated to be worth $50-$100 Million.




   diamond lighthouse


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