10 Celebrity Diamond Engagement Rings – Worth Over A Million Dollars

Greed is Good. 

Michael Douglas knew he’d better come correct when he proposed to Catherine Zeta Jones.  A ten carat, marquise shaped diamond, set (*get this*) horizontally, certainly did the trick.  The Art Deco, Gatsby inspired design is a throwback to simpler times (like Michael’s childhood days of bootlegging).

2.5 Million

 2.5M to Love

Enrique served up an ace with this pear cut, natural fancy pink diamond ring when he asked tennis star/dream woman Anna Kournikova to be his Russian bride.  On either side of the pink diamond is a trillian cut stone.  Trillian essentially means “triangle,” not that it cost a trillion dollars.  This only cost:

2.5 Million.



Also in the 2.5 Mill club is super soprano/star of the Oscar winning film “Glitter,” Mariah Carey.  With a pink diamond sun surrounded by 58 pink satellite diamonds, given to her by the supremely talented Nick Cannon (and possibly funded by herself), Mariah proudly donned the 15 carat dazzler for a little longer than Nick’s 15 minutes of fame.

2.5 Million.


Ask Not What Your Diamond Can Do For You…

Grecian millionaire Aristotle Onassis put the “O” in OMG when he presented former first lady and eternal style icon Jackie with a 40 ct diamond ring.  She accepted, wore it two times in public and then had it locked away in an undisclosed vault for the rest of eternity.  This one weighs in at:

2.6 Million.


You’re (Not) Fired (with a ring like this)  

Not to be trumped, realty/reality star and combover strategist “The Donald” asked sultry Slovenian model Melania Knauss to be his with a 15 ct emerald cut white diamond ring.  Each corner of the House of Graff stone also has a baguette cut, which is actually not the bread of a francophile but a leafy-designed diamond.

3 Million.


Let’s Get Loud (jewelry) 

Señor Marc Anthony went to Neil Lane (famous among the famous for ring designing) to create a muy gorgeosa 8.5 carat zinger to propose to J to the Lo with.  After they took the express train to Splittsville, Jenny (notorious for selling off her jewels) sold it for:

4 Million.


One Royal Ring  

The Princess of Grace (Kelly) was proposed to by Prince of Monaco, Rainier III, with a 10.47 ct emerald cut giant.  When it comes to rings of betrothal and carat size, it simply isn’t royal if you’re not in the double digits.  The ring given to Hitchcock’s ingenue of choice also features a bonus baguette on either side.

4.06 Million.


A Night (or TWO) in Paris  

Aspiring something Paris Hilton met the love of her week when she was introduced to Paris Latsis, as they obviously had a lot in common (aside from their first names …their fathers are both insanely rich).  He proposed to her with a 24 carat white diamond set in white gold (with more baguette goodness on the side) – but clearly that wasn’t enough so he threw in a canary yellow 21 ct zinger.  The first alone is worth:

4.07 Million.  (take that Prince Rainier the Third!)



One of the most talked about (and wealthiest) couples in recent years, Bey and Jay, sealed the inception of their union with an 18 ct octagon cut diamond that (surprise, surprise) is #Flawless.   Seems like this should be the most expensive ring on this list, however…

5 Million.


Cleopatra’s Prize 

The first time Richard Burton proposed to white diamond obsessed Liz Taylor, he flaunted a 33 carat Asscher cut stunner in front of her.  With a diamond almost as enormous as Burton’s thirst for alcohol, intake of cigarettes and ego, Liz famously sported the near perfect behemoth every now and again – yet it would eventually end up in the hands of a mysterious Asian jewel collector.

8.8 Million.



Diamond-Lighthouse-selling-finding-your-way-logo-Joe Leone  


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