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1 carat diamond worth

Sell 1 Carat Diamonds Online
Are you looking for the best price and place to sell your diamond? However, a lack of experience and knowledge about the facets of the niche industry could fetch a ridiculously low price for every 1-carat diamond worth your priciest possession! Fear not, trust us, and we can make the whole process first and simple for you. Diamond Lighthouse could be your one-stop destination when you want to "Sell Diamonds Online."
We are a commission based brand, looking to sell your diamond only to the highest bidder without putting any obligation. So, if you are here to walk away with the most cash for your gem in the fastest possible time, stick around.

Who Are We?
We accept new and pre-owned diamonds with a minimum of 1-carat diamond in all forms and sizes. In the past years, Diamond Lighthouse has gained profound experience and appreciation from a tall-list of happy customers from around the world. We help you trade your diamond for the best price in terms of its quality and craftsmanship. We aim to bring your exotic piece to a leading network of private diamond buyers who are ready to pay exactly the price a 1-carat diamond worth.

The Fact File:
Did you know that the diamond trade is the best place to sell your old or new diamonds? It's true. In a world where everyone is busy making a transaction online, it can fetch you the highest quote for your valuable hold.
However, trying to sell your diamond all by yourself can put you to a traumatic experience unless you have a pre-market exposure and correct knowledge of the value of your diamond as an owner.

The following "Four Cs" can determine the actual value of your diamond...
Carat: Weight is the most critical evaluation factor for your diamond, and it refers to its size. The bigger it is, the more is the value.

Cut: The shape and accuracy of your stone also determine its real value. If yours is immaculate than antique, the chances of a significant dollar price are high.

Clarity: A flawless diamond with fewer blemishes can fetch you the highest price.
Color: Diamonds come in a variety of shades ranging from brown, yellow to colorless. However, no-color diamonds offer the highest in terms of its value. Diamond Lighthouse manages the entire selling process for you.

Why Should You Sell With Us?
When you sell diamonds online, the most important thing is to choose someone you can blindly trust. If you are not a professional seller in this field, you will most likely sell your diamond at a price tag lower than its actual market value.

However, we don't let you do that. We offer you professional advice on what to look for and guide you through the entire process, making your selling experience time saving and worthwhile. With us, you can enjoy the potential price uplifts online.

We take the diamond trading transactions very seriously and ensure that your diamond reaches only those who are ready to bid the highest quote for your precious closet collection. The entire buy-and-sell process has been designed to ensure that you get the most out of selling with us.

We aim to offer you the full value of your quoted diamond, and that's why we help you gauge the real demand of your gem via professional estimation and evaluation. The sole purpose is to fetch you and your bidder the most accurate information.

How We Do It?
There is a big difference between the retail and the resale price value of a diamond and Diamond Lighthouse helps you bridge the gap and everything in between. Remember, we are not the ultimate buyer of your diamond. So, before setting a realistic price expectation for it, the first thing we do is get you the accurate assessment of its quality and value based on the "Four Cs": cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

When your precious stone arrives at our GIA lab, we go through an extensive process of cleaning, imaging, and grading. Once the process is complete, we present the classification and photographs of your diamond across auctions and forums to reach the professional buyers, collectors, stores, gemologist, or appraiser. Once the actual market value is assessed for your diamond, we can offer you the real picture of your gem's market value.

Advantages of Selling With Us:
Firstly, we offer you a gamut of opportunities in terms of both a local and a global marketplace with hundreds of thousands of buyers from all walks.

Our process is neat and transparent...
We give you access to the world of reputable diamond buyers who are ready to pay PREMIUM PRICES for your valuable possession

We let you enjoy full freedom to one-tap accept or reject offers when buyers bid on your diamonds online.
The entire process comes for no extra cost, and we offer you a FREE SHIPPING
Your diamond gets the most professional and expert "FREE EVALUATION" from our experienced and trained GIA certified team.

We help you set a realistic price goal for your diamond without putting you through the intricacies of the buyer's policies or market fluctuations. We are your most trustworthy diamond sellers with a transparent and secure process to sell your diamonds online

One of the best advantages of selling your diamond through us is, we provide you the fastest and the biggest selling platform and save a lot of time and hassle

Where Can You Sell a 1ct Diamond?
If this is still the question on your mind, look no further, and trust us. In a world where everyone claims to pay more, Diamond Lighthouse could be your torchbearer to receive the best price from an authentic buyer. No matter, if you are unable to meet in-person with us, you can still win the quote over call, text or an email. All you need is, send us every detail about your diamond and we will do the rest.

We can give you the best bid online. We also ensure that you feel safe and at ease with the entire process of selling your diamond, right from throwing a price quotation to receiving payment. At Diamond Lighthouse, you will be able to sell your pricey thing more easily and confidently.

Are you interested in selling your diamond online? We are just a click away. Contact us today and get ready to speak with an experienced diamond buyer. You will get FREE access to an extensive line of potential proposals for your diamond, best of their kinds.

Moreover, that's not all! If you have not already heard about the cool raffle, selling your valuable diamond with us gets you one time chance to win a brand new Apple WATCH S4... *BANG*... HAPPY SELLING

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Diamond Lighthouse accepts diamonds from 1 Carat Diamond and up.

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